"If it's meant to be, it's up to me" - yes, and how do we make that happen?

The Deliberate Attraction formula tells us how to leverage the Law of Attraction
so that we can control our life's outcome- what surrounds us in the moment. If you're not liking what you have, there is a path you can take. The first three steps are simply:

1) Form a clear picture of what you want. Take as much time as you need.
Relax more and more as you form the picture.

2) Let yourself experience your fears and doubts. Willfully insert hope
and your vision of your positive outcome. Slowly but surely you will create
yourself as a vibrational match for your desire.

3) Don't go chasing after your desire or even trying very hard. Watch yourself.
If you witness yourself operating out of fear and scarcity stop what you're doing
do something else

Remember, "Allowing" is simply the old adage: "Let go, and let God."
It's "Detachment from the outcome." More like "Detachment from forcing
something to happen", rather allowing the hand of God, or spirit, or however
you see it, to work in harmony with your life's timing.

"Allowing" lets the Law of Attraction bring your desire within your sphere
in its own time, place and manner. Allowing doesn't mean 'close but that's
not quite it' --it means allowing the Law of Attraction to bring your exact
desire--in the BEST way possible.

Is there something you are not allowing through because you're trying too hard?
Let it go. You need to relax and let things happen. Your confident,
relaxed vibration will bring you what you need.

You are graceful, you are powerful.
You are a Self Sufficient Goddess.

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