"If it's meant to be, it's up to me" - yes, and how do we make that happen?

The Deliberate Attraction formula tells us how to leverage the Law of Attraction
so that we can control our life's outcome- what surrounds us in the moment. If you're not liking what you have, there is a path you can take. The first three steps are simply:

1) Form a clear picture of what you want. Take as much time as you need.
Relax more and more as you form the picture.

2) Let yourself experience your fears and doubts. Willfully insert hope
and your vision of your positive outcome. Slowly but surely you will create
yourself as a vibrational match for your desire.

3) Don't go chasing after your desire or even trying very hard. Watch yourself.
If you witness yourself operating out of fear and scarcity stop what you're doing
do something else

Remember, "Allowing" is simply the old adage: "Let go, and let God."
It's "Detachment from the outcome." More like "Detachment from forcing
something to happen", rather allowing the hand of God, or spirit, or however
you see it, to work in harmony with your life's timing.

"Allowing" lets the Law of Attraction bring your desire within your sphere
in its own time, place and manner. Allowing doesn't mean 'close but that's
not quite it' --it means allowing the Law of Attraction to bring your exact
desire--in the BEST way possible.

Is there something you are not allowing through because you're trying too hard?
Let it go. You need to relax and let things happen. Your confident,
relaxed vibration will bring you what you need.

You are graceful, you are powerful.
You are a Self Sufficient Goddess.

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Why Yoga

Being relaxed is a natural state that both the mind and the body should be in as much as possible. Many people no longer realize this as they live from one day to another in a state of anxiety brought about by fast living and lifestyles that don't allow enough time to unwind and enjoy life as it should be.

Yoga is one of the best ways to relearn this natural state for those people who have forgotten what it is like to be relaxed and feel free from all the burdens we bring upon ourselves.
By correcting your breathing techniques and allowing for relaxation to embrace your being you will also allow the energy to flow through your body reducing fatigue that many people seem to have accepted as part of their life.

It is unnatural to be constantly fatigued and chronic fatigue affects a great number of people. There are those people who are unable to make immediate changes to their current life situation however they are more likely than most to benefit from yoga exercises as this will help them to cope better, remain more relaxed no matter what they currently have to endure and also give them more energy to make the necessary changes that will result in an improvement in their lifestyle.

It doesn't cost anything to do yoga in your own time and you can do all the basic exercises that are necessary to bring about change without having to buy any equipment.

Also, no matter how tired you are and how little time you believe you have there is always time to adjust your breathing or stretch your muscles in yoga poses. Those few minutes that you take each day to perform the simplest of yoga exercises will give you the energy to achieve more throughout the day and to sleep better at night.

You will find that you have more time if you make yoga a part of your life.

living your most brilliance

Have you noticed that often peoples dreams are lost in the passage of time? It is a painful but unavoidable fact of life. Social conditioning, family expectations, etc. become barriers one feels either incapable or unworthy of surmounting.

Habituated patterns can become ruts that grow deeper with the passage of time and get in the way of the completion or attainment of a dream or goal.

How much more could you be doing? How much more inspired could your life be? What are you buying into that is holding you back?

Greatness is a great light that casts a delineating shadow on the last corner you must turn to face success . . .

Has your life conditioning inhibited the brilliance that is in you? Are you accessing all that is available?

As a brilliant example, as a brilliant human-being, and spiritual being you are a bright light in the world. We have access to so much abundance. Are you living it? Are you breathing it? Do you believe it in every fibre of your being?

You can see the myth, the illusions, and not buy in to them. Only you can control that to which you expose yourself. Is it positive people? Is a beautiful surrounding? And really- are you nourishing yourself?

Just be confident that you have every means to fix your own problems. You have the solutions and you are smart enough to reach them. Magic and mystery, the truth of the abundance is that everything available in the universe will come to you when you are in alignment with a true and direct path to your higher self.

Dismantle the illusions of safety, security, structures, that create a prison of expectation, necessity, and image.

Get into the risk of playing in the mud, getting dirty, letting go and letting God, magic, Source, energy (whatever belief/name suits you). You had it happening once as a kid. Bring it alive again. Inside, you are yearning for it.

Get excited again about the adventure, this life. Go climbing, learn to snowboard. Pick up a martial art. Get curious and playful with your day-to-day, with your business, with your home, relationships, and finances. If you resist and prefer safety, security, and rigidity, let's ask:

  • So how's that working for you?
  • Where are you still dissatisfied?
  • What don't you want to let go of?
  • What's it costing you?

There are no easy answers, and perhaps the truth lies in the land beyond right and wrong, where the heart beats, singing a pulse of the Universe.

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magic, esp, and desperate measures

A self sufficient goddess uses her own mind.

As the law of attraction suggests, we don't want to focus on negative things, engage in conversations which pay attention to problems, engender a set of victimization. But you know what? Things are tough these days.

People are scared, and feeling out of control. Unsteady work and facing a prospect of living who knows where and completely dependent on others. Nervous, hungry, waiting for food to come by. A harsh reality pill so bitter to swallow. But perhaps the deepest lessons of faith are born in the most desperate moments, as hope sings eternal in the human heart.

According to marketer, Marlon Sanders, the need for psychics is on the rise. It is a "growth industry" in a boom phase. People are desperate and anyone who can tell them anything will fuel enough hope to go on. It is if a small fire is lit in the heart once we are given the prophesy; it is the location at the end of the tunnel, and now we know to what end we must work. It is from henceforth what we will expect.

Truth is, there is no fate but what we make. Anything else is a lie. Sorry to be blunt and non-fluffy as a self-sufficient-goddess dot com site representative, but bottom line, that is why it exists.
We can become our own psychics. We can decide for ourselves what our future will be, set out and find the way to get there. Really, you are a self sufficient goddess. Don't forget it.

And on that note, I'll make a recommendation: here's a way to get your ass in gear. It works.

Here is the link to get started
Check out
the founder's blog: it's a good one.

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The Tao of Harmony

Do you constantly re-live moments in your life where there is a nexus of pain, or when you felt out of control? We will never have power over ourselves and things like that until we can manage our own minds.

In the book compiled by Linda Lee of her late husbands writing, poetry and art,
The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee is stated: "If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between "for" and "against" is the minds worst disease."

When we judge things, --justify our strong emotional response to something with logic and judgment, we are missing the game. Judgment creates a filter on a situation, obscuring it's features as well as its highest potential outcome. Instead, we must be rocks in the water, solid and grounded in our minds, not conceding our rootedness by attaching to wishes.

A meditation practice combined with that of a martial art is a way we can help calm our minds and strengthen our bodies, one that will probably bring us to the top of our game in all aspects of life.

Check out some of the martial arts videos in the SSG YouTube Channel:
Our You Tube Channel

and, last but not least:

This is a really nice to have around, and makes a really nice gift for yourself or a loved one.

Tao of Jeet Kune Do

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money is neutral, it is we who create value

"Why do so many of us struggle financially when we live in the most free and prosperous country in the history of the world? Why do we continue to struggle when we are bombarded daily with information on how to become wealthy? I believe that most of us are kept from our potential because we labor under false ideas and perceptions about money, wealth and prosperity."

So begins Gunther Gunderson in his groundbreaking best seller Killing Sacred Cows. This is one of the best books we've come across for our Finance category. It's deep and thorough, yet also fun to read. Salient and actionable, this book runs counter to conventional wisdom, and will provide a firm foundation for your personal financial self sufficiency and growth if understood to its deepest truths, which all point to you, the reader: money is neutral, it is we who create value.

Each chapter (but for the last) is named for a myth, a sacred cow- so to speak -that has long held precedence in the halls of "financial wisdom". But when exposed to the light of the author's acute logic, it quickly falls apart.

In example, Myth 4: Financial Security reads: "True financial security does not come from the government, corporations, benefits and entitlements, it comes from within us. Taking responsibility for our wealth leads us to transcend false security to find both true security and freedom".

Myth 6: High Risks = High Returns, "'High risk equals high return' is a gambling, not a true investing philosophy. The best and safest investments are those that align with our passions, knowledge and abilities . . ."

Mr. Gunderson is a rare financial writer who places the Soul Purpose as the highest value of any decision, financial or otherwise. When we grow and manage our finances in a way that involves our personal talents and strengths, we're not putting so much in the hands of other people. That is a prevalent theme of this book, and one that makes it perfect for a self sufficient goddess to internalize and practice.

Killing Sacred Cows has a great website. You can visit it here
Make an investment in you! Get your own copy here

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so as you vibrate . . .


We're big fans of author and speaker, Michael Losier, and of his best selling book: Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting The More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t. His no-nonense approach cuts to the core, using a few potent concepts, and executed with a light humor and love for his audience.

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enzymes: our bodies want them

We support a vibrant health and lifestyle. Did you know that all vegetables and fruits contain within themselves everything required for thorough digestion?

We have"enzymes" to thank. They help to completely break down (digestive enzymes) and convert food into viable nutrients for the body's immediate use.

When we cook our fruits and vegetables, we kill the enzymes. When this happens, we have to use enzymes from our own digestive systems instead. This contributes to aging.

We see a very real-world side to this: people who eat a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables just look "glowier"--there's a rosiness of complexion that comes no other way. Not through surgery, not through chemical peels. In fact, it can be argued that a diet of fresh grown fruits and vegetables will do more for your skin than a multiplicity of spa treatments.

Here's a couple resources you can check out to learn more about this:
Acid/Alkaline Diet resource |
Dr. Edward Howell's Enzyme Nutrition

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