enzymes: our bodies want them

We support a vibrant health and lifestyle. Did you know that all vegetables and fruits contain within themselves everything required for thorough digestion?

We have"enzymes" to thank. They help to completely break down (digestive enzymes) and convert food into viable nutrients for the body's immediate use.

When we cook our fruits and vegetables, we kill the enzymes. When this happens, we have to use enzymes from our own digestive systems instead. This contributes to aging.

We see a very real-world side to this: people who eat a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables just look "glowier"--there's a rosiness of complexion that comes no other way. Not through surgery, not through chemical peels. In fact, it can be argued that a diet of fresh grown fruits and vegetables will do more for your skin than a multiplicity of spa treatments.

Here's a couple resources you can check out to learn more about this:
Acid/Alkaline Diet resource |
Dr. Edward Howell's Enzyme Nutrition

posted by Sylvia 10/13/08
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